Events and ceremonies

The ancient holiness of the place
is evident in the presence of a small
and characteristic chapelinside of the structure.

This unique place, with a wealth of charm, is where you can celebrate the major events of your life. The ruins of the ancient monastery were found precisely in this area, and it is said that that the monks’ cells were here. The stones are original and the width of the arches is that of the past. The chapel is dedicated to San Rocco (St. Roch), holy protector from the plague, who is greatly venerated in our area.

This exceptional setting will be able to make your moments precious. It is an original location for celebrating a wedding, anniversary, or any other type of event in the company of your loved ones. It is all set in a unique panorama to be enjoyed from every area of the residence. Your guests will be impressed and the events of the day will always remain in their memory.

On request, the staff of Residence San Rocco will be happy to take care of all the phases of organization of the event.